To honour and in memory of our colleague, friend, ham-radio operator Krešimir Kovarik 9A5K aka “Chris” who, aged 45, passed away following a serious illness, members of Zabok Radio Club and friends will activate the special callsign 9A2CHRIS from April 1st till the end of 2021.  

Besides being an outstanding IT engineer and programmer, Chris 9A5K was also a world-renowned ham-radio operator and above all a contester. He participated in countless local and international contests winning top places, both as an individual (under 9A5K) but also amongst top-class teams around the world and from his hometown club as 9A0Z.

He qualified to participate in several WRTC contests, securing top results and was a member of several DX-expeditions.

He was founding creator of DXLog.net, one of the top contest-logging software programs, used the world-over. In recognition of his dedication to the ham-radio hobby and achievements, he was inducted to the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2019.

The 9A2CHRIS logbook will be published on https://9a0z.com/log/9a2chris.php  and will be refreshed periodically, so all operators who successfully made contacts will be able to download a special QSL Card. SWLs will also be able to download QSL cards having sent their contacts heard list to 9a2chris@9a0z.com  

Awards: Everyone can win an award or awards for contacts achieved on all bands from 1.8 to 432 MHz as follows:

Platinum Award – minimum 12 contacts (at least 1 per mode: CW, Phone and ​ Digi) on at least 4 different bands. Golden Award – minimum 5 contacts (at least 1 per mode: CW, Phone and Digi) on any band.

Silver Award – minimum 10 contacts on 2 modes (5 CW+5 Phone ​or 5 CW+5 Digi or 5 Phone+5 Digi) on any band.

Bronze Award – 20 contacts: any mode any band.  

Contacts claimed for the same band and the same mode must be made on different dates (UTC).

QSLs and Awards will be generated automatically according to the published logbook and will be available for download from: https://9a0z.com/qsl/9a2chris.php

The complete logbook will be uploaded latest 31.01.2022.